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Burning Lilies Canvas Wrap


Mixed Media Painting 

(brass and copper scraps, recycled greeting card, vintage jewelry parts, beads, lace, embroidered cloth, powdered pigments, oil)

Original painting is 8”x10”

Private collection

The Burning Lilies painting depicts a space filled with endurance and purification of life. It’s a place of abundance through settling ashes. It’s a space of healing, purified energy, and beauty after destruction. It’s a reminder you are purified by fire; Your life force is pure; Your power is in love made way by fire and new beginnings. 

This painting is a gift for those who need purification and healing. It burns away the darkest shadows of your soul leaving only newness and brilliant light.

Red Spider Lilies are legend to grow where final goodbyes are needed or people part ways for good. In ancient Buddhist writings, the Red Spider Lily guides the dead through Samsara or the cycle of rebirth. These flowers represent final goodbyes and are also a bright summer flower found native in Asia.