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A Few Things About Gerner Art

Gerner Art inspires creativity through sharing her Mixed Media Artwork. She explores dreamlike landscapes and spirituality through creativity. Gerner Art provides beautiful and tactile Mixed Media paintings for the world to enjoy. She shares her process on social media. Painting Workshops and instruction are available. Painting supplies will be available soon! Gerner Art is also releasing a 78 card tarot deck to be printed and available for purchase before 2025! Please enjoy the site!💗

Why Lindsey Paints…

“Painting is my spiritual connection. It gives me meaning and purpose. I paint because I believe that is why I am here. I paint for myself, the joy and exploration of it. I paint for others, to inspire them with grace and beauty. I paint to open people up to the magic of an imagined world and the endless possibilities of our existence.”

Using Recycled Materials

I find objects that seem somehow magical. The magic always happens in an instant, when I see the object and visualize how it could be incorporated into a painting. I know the object belongs to me and will find a place in one of my paintings once that lightbulb goes off. I feel a purely creative electrifying energy that lights me up and fills me with joy when I find these treasures for artwork. I find these magical and sometimes discarded or lost materials in the natural environment, thrift stores, and antique shops.

Some of the most unique items I’ve used in my art are civil war artifacts, vintage embroidered silk scarves, horseshoes, dollhouse parts, steampunk watch parts, gemstones, vintage postage stamps, sharks teeth, and even human hair!