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Past Life Canvas Wrap


Mixed Media Painting 

(plaster, dried flowers (daisies), vintage jewelry parts, family memorabilia (cards, notes, etc), beads, lace, embroidered cloth, feathers, wire, thread, dollhouse textiles, acrylic, powdered pigments, oil)

Original painting is 40”x 40”

Private collection

The Past Life painting depicts an infinite hillside where extremely diversified forces reside. The dwellers, though on opposite ends of existing, effortlessly seam together to balance karma and create a euphoric harmony on the hillside. Visitors come here and are encapsulated by a resounding peace and an irrefutable knowledge that everything balances out for the greater good of all. Diversity is an essential trait one must have to enter upon the hillside. This hillside is known for a strong presence of empathy and peace for past regrets. It’s a reminder you are here to weather the storms; Your life force is everlasting; Your power is within the unknown; Blessings of beauty are left behind by destruction. 

This painting is a gift for those who have suffered greatly and cannot see the blessings that are to come from these tragedies. It is hope to carry on and a knowing that beauty always rises from the ashes and diversity.

Daisies represent spiritual faith and the eternal life of the soul. They also represent the possibility that we all have the opportunity to begin again, no matter the mistakes we've made in our past. For some, they are also symbols of reincarnation. 

Roses symbolize love, passion, romance, beauty, discretion, elegance, luxury, and sensuality. While we love roses today, they are actually ancient flowers. In fact, paleontologists discovered rose fossils that are 35 million years old.