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Zinnia Sky Framed Print


Mixed Media Painting 

(porcelain rose, plaster, vintage jewelry parts, beads, lace, embroidered cloth, feathers, sharks teeth, powdered pigments, oil)

Original painting is 8”x10”

Private collection

The Zinnia Sky painting depicts an imagined place filled with strength and renewal of life. It’s a place of luxury through refinement. It’s a space of protection and security in the open sky of unknowns. It’s a reminder you can weather any storm; Your life force is everlasting; Your power is within the unknown. 

This painting is a gift for two or more people coming together in good faith. It harmonizes equal opposites. It protects the union. It also is a gift and protection for strong bonds between two people.

Zinnia flowers representacclaim, affection, friendship, everlasting love, remembrance, and tribute. Your legacy lives on through the everlasting love you give and receive through those who are connected to you.