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Light and Lilies Framed Print


Mixed Media Painting 

(vintage jewelry parts, beads, lace, embroidered cloth, powdered pigments, and oil, on carved archival foam board)

Original painting is 8”x10”

Private collection

The Light and Lilies painting depicts an imagined, purified, and powerful space filled with movement, change, unconditional love, and life. It’s a place of pure bliss and euphoric flowing energy. It’s a space of innocence, luck, birth, and rebirth. It’s a reminder you are perfect. Your life force is pure. Your power is in love made way by movement and everlasting harmonious vibrations. 

This painting is a gift for those who need new beginnings, courage, purification, and healing. It emits a strong purified energy that dissolves negative thinking and builds a state of zen that cannot be taken away.

Calla lilies are symbols for purity, rebirth, and resurrection.