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Nothingness Print Only


Mixed Media Painting 

(vintage jewelry parts, beads, lace, embroidered cloth, handmade paper, dollhouse parts, powdered pigments, oil)

Original painting is 8”x10”

Private collection

The Nothingness painting depicts an imagined floating fortress surrounded by empty or negative space. This is a fortress of protection and peace that surpasses all understanding. It’s a space of refuge, rest, and beauty. It’s a reminder that your life force is pure; Your power is in love made way by the empty space. 

This painting is a gift for those who need rest, refuge and protection against harm or negative thoughts. It illuminates your soul in the dark. It gives you space and replenishes your being.

Hydrangeas symbolize sincere emotions and gratitude. Purple hydrangeas symbolize a deep unexplainable knowing or understanding.