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"Queen of Wands" 3.5"x5.5" Original Painting


Materials: watercolor paper, collectors stamps, oil

The Queen of Wands is a leader with ambition who is friendly and business minded. She tells us to dive deep into our passions and assures us we can make money from them. A hopeful and magical spirit is what she embodies. 

The image of this original painting is part of a series of tarot card illustrations. The series is my own version of each of the traditional 78 tarot cards by Rider, Smith, Waite. The version depicted by Rider, Smith, and Waite is the most widely used and most accurately depicted version; The symbolism carefully curated to represent each card's meaning. It has been an absolute pleasure using the Rider, Smith, Waite deck as the inspiration for my series!

The earliest known reference to Tarot Cards dates back to the 1440's. People used them as entertainment, pastime, and spiritual direction. Before the printing press nobility played with the actual hand painted cards!

These decks will be available to purchase soon!